Predator Arm Testing

Tested out the machine vision system David Petchey has been coding for the Predator Arm. Here Mark Pauline makes it do a circular motion. It uses Intel’s RealSense and we use the depth camera as well as facial recognition to decide how and which person nearby to track.

David also wrote an app to allow Mark to create rules for the machine to detect and specify behaviors for each. Robot choreography.

Christopher Brooks wired the Predator Arm and wrote the controller that David’s code interfaces with and actuates motors etc.

Jon Reiss filmed this test session. He is making a documentary on Mark Pauline and SRL

Videos from Karen Marcelo

Giant ass radial arm drill

From Mark Pauline: People sometimes ask me why I have a giant ass radial arm drill in the shop taking up so much space. Well if you need to cut a hole for a fuel outlet filter bung in a stainless tank what else can you use?