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RIP Monte Cazazza

From Jon Reiss:
Sad to say goodbye to Monte Cazazza who I got to know pretty well in San Francisco in the early 80s while making documentaries of @survivalresearchlabs. He had an incredibly sharp wit, had unique perspectives on the world and was a pioneer of industrial music collaborating with #factrix and #throbbinggristle and others – even coining the phrase “industrial music for industrial people”. He was nice enough to let me use his classic song #stairwaytohell for the opening sequence of my first directing project “A Scenic Harvest From the Kingdom of Pain” – a performance documentary of three SRL performances for 1983-1984 (yikes – 40 years ago note the old school chryon titles). I cut together a little Stairway to Hell tribute to Monte here from that film – focusing on the first performance which amoung other machines features a machine that @markpauline5 made and named after Monte’s song which Monte operated during the performance. You get a sense of him even in this tiny clip. RIP Monte 6/29/23


The Richest Family Episode 8

See this video from Clay Graham – lots of references to industrial culture/SRL/Mark Pauline and other friends Val Vale, Naut Humon, Clay Graham, James F.Ellis and Greg Kulz

Folk subcultures are emergent cultures that form out of some common situational experience, usually one that is challenging or from collective trauma. Folk subcultures are not just alternative expressions within a larger culture but rather emerge as a response to specific circumstances that shape the identity and practices of its members. This can include experiences of geographic isolation, socioeconomic challenges, or situational shared experience such as post-war disillusionment.
How do emergent folk subcultures form? How can we look at history to help us understand how situations can drive the emergent genesis of culture? How do subcultures express their shared experiences in art and music to become part of the collective zeitgeist?
Welcome to Episode 8 of The Richest Family, Emergent Situational Subcultures and The Industrial Folk Phenomenon where we discuss Hillbilly situational exceptionalism, folk subcultures, and the causes for the formation of the modern Industrial folk art experience.
YOUTUBE – https://youtu.be/ZeF3zvAN–A
TWITCH – https://www.twitch.tv/claytantor
PODCAST – https://audioboom.com/channels/510513
Listen to what he says too in about 54 min mark on the YouTube about how a lot of the subversive stuff is being done with AI now and the mainstream just don’t get it.


Predator Arm Demo

From Jon Reiss:
Stay tuned for @8.above @jonreiss SRL documentary! Repost from @8.above

Got back up to do a little shooting for my documentary about Mark Pauline @markpauline5 and Survival Research Laboratories. Did an interview with Mark and shot the current state of The Predator Arm – which is designed to let you feel what it will be like to be hunted by a machine – eventually the arm will go up to 100 mph.

#srl #predatorarm #markpauline #survivalresearchlaboratories #documentaryfilmmaking


SRL Nostalgia – Shibuya in 1999

Yoyogi Park in Shibuya was the site of a SRL show in 1999 on the emperor’s bday! we were the 1st Americans to detonate high explosives in downtown Tokyo since WW2. We also had the first web controlled lethal machines coded by civilians: (Karen Marcelo and Eric Paulos) – the pitching machine, air launcher and track robot were run from the ICC #survivalresearchlabs