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SRL NFTs on Opensea

These are SRL’s first NFTs. They show the progression of Mark Pauline’s thought process and how the ideas evolved into what SRL is today.

The first is an image showing Mark Pauline’s early pre-SRL obsessions with destruction. He broke all of these objects and drew them on a ground glass plate. Then printed it on Chromacast acrylic sheet and bonded it to rag paper. Just Sayin!

More info/details here

Here’s another SRL NFT – I Loved A Fish to Death – Pre-SRL animal sculpture (circa 1974) with a fish that I caught then ate than preserved the skin and made a metal armature and mounted it to a pretty acrylic and wood base. Not reanimated but that came later. No longer in the real world, this is the only photo.

I Loved a Fish to Death

And Mark Pauline when he was young, cute, and punk as fuck. Michael Conway took this photo when he visited Florida in 1978. Mark has to split it with him so please remember that when youre burning $ trading this token.

Mark Pauline as a punk circa 1978

And this is Mark’s Madonna sculpture from 1978 – Before SRL Mark was a punk artist. This madonna drawing is 4’x4′ with an illuminated bottle and crown of barbed wire. Shown here hung above a table at an SF coffee shop in North Beach in 1978.

Madonna sculpture