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Predator Arm Recent Testing

October 8, 2021

Sept 18 2021 – Mark Pauline and David Petchey testing the Predator Arm Machine vision, video processing, AI software coded by David Petchey Videos from Karen Marcelo and John Colle Rogers Got latency down to a few milliseconds Caught the Predator Arm in an empathetic robot sneeze

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Boston Dynamics and SRL – The Future of Entertainment

October 8, 2021

From Mark Pauline: Boston Dynamics + SRL = future of entertainment… Jesus, another BD parkour video! Getting tedious, unless, you look at it as training for an upcoming BD/SRL collaboration. SRL provides the robotic circus animals, special effects, and sets. BD throws in the humanoid performers, and maybe a Spot or two. Bingo! The perfect […]

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Perry Farrell on SRL at Desolation Center

August 25, 2020

HT David Pescovitz Perry Farrell mentions SRL in an interview about Desolation Center. Noise, punk, music festival in nature in the 80s that was a precursor for Lollapalooza, Coachella, Burning Man, etc. started by Stuart Swezey There is also a film of the same name that Stuart did available streaming in the usual places.

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Mark Pauline on what’s next for the Screw Machine Jul 4 2020 Part 2

July 15, 2020

Video from Karen Marcelo

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Mark Pauline speaking at Intrepid – Exploding the Intersection of Art and Technology

March 13, 2019

Mark Pauline is giving a talk Exploding the Intersection of Art and Technology Thursday 3/14 6-8pm at Intrepid Studios – 1115 3rd Street San Rafael. Tickets are available via EventBrite: Intrepid is a creative marketing agency / video production studio that hosts a quarterly event series focus on Exploring the Intersection of Art and […]

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SRL Schedule Seattle Art Fair 2018

August 1, 2018

Aug 2 – 5:30pm machine demo Aug 3 – 5:30pm machine demo Aug 4 – 11:30am Mark Pauline and Bruce Sterling talk 2:30pm machine demo Aug 5 – 2:30pm machine demo At the CenturyLink Field – North parking lot – Map Ticket info here SRL Machine Demos are FREE ADMISSION We are crowdsourcing your bad […]

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Inconsiderate Fantasies of Negative Acceleration: Characterized by Sacrifices of a Non-Consensual Nature

December 11, 2017

Also 40 yrs of SRL! Event is public – starts approximately at 4pm!

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Budding Prospects Film Shoot

October 22, 2016

Oct 12 2016 last week, SRL played themselves for the filming of a pilot for the new Terry Zwigoff TV series Budding Prospects based on TC Boyle’s novel for Amazon. Shooting was at the Boxshop featuring the Inchworm, Sneaky Soldier, Jaws, Motoman Flamethrower, Meat Head, Pulse Jet. Mark Pauline played the role of the arresting […]

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Video Clip from SRL Film Shoot, Burke Ave

May 18, 2016

Video edited by Steve Bage shot April 24 2016 at a SRL film shoot on Burke Ave. More info on the gallery opening at Minnesota Street Project curated by Capital Gallery and the shoot as well as more images, video clips, and machine/crew info can be found here

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HST at the old SRL Shop

September 1, 2015

David Pescovitz posts about The Crazy Never Die HST documentary from the 80s on BoingBoing. The animated GIF he created at the bottom is HST at the old SRL shop. Mark recalls “This happened in 1987 around the Delusions show. I just remember that he was really stoned, and we basically tried to keep him […]

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