Boston Dynamics and SRL – The Future of Entertainment

From Mark Pauline:

Boston Dynamics + SRL = future of entertainment…
Jesus, another BD parkour video! Getting tedious, unless, you look at it as training for an upcoming BD/SRL collaboration. SRL provides the robotic circus animals, special effects, and sets. BD throws in the humanoid performers, and maybe a Spot or two. Bingo! The perfect 21st century entertainment.
Imagine these humanoids backflipping over the Running Machine, dodging 6’ 200mph 2×4’s from the Pitching Machine, an Atlas walking right into the 30’ Motoman Flamethrower flame carrying a huge metal shield, the Spine Robot playing catch with an arm equipped Spot using ultra realistic severed human head props! All with a crazy SRL set backdrop.
Possibilities are truly endless.
Everyone just needs to think outside the box. Here at SRL, all we require is a team of laid off self driving car engineers who will work for free, to set up the mobile machine sensor systems here at SRL.
Oh, also, please, hire a real lead choreographer for the BD team, one with 43 years of designing crowd pleasing machine spectacles. (hint): Im available!
Interested parties please contact SRL.