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Predator Arm Motion/Range Testing

January 5, 2022

Posted by Mark Pauline: Christopher Brooks explains a test program for the arm. We are checking to make sure that the counterweight (which had to be added after the high-pressure cylinder was installed) is working correctly. Seems ok. Predator Arm Test

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Fanuc 120i Reboot after 3 years

December 23, 2020

Got the fanuc 120i robot up and running again after sitting around for three years. Johnny R is learning how to program it to be a surgeon and cut props up in the next show.

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Motoman Flamethrower Fuel Tank Pump System

October 17, 2020

Mark Pauline: Assembling the fuel tank pump system for the Motoman flamethrower. The fuel tank is only 10 gallons right now, but it’s modular and you can bolt on extra capacity by adding volume segments at the bulkhead to get up to 40 gallons. It may not seem like much at 9 gallons per minute […]

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Predator Arm Testing

September 29, 2020

View this post on Instagram Christopher is exercising the predator arm servo motors. Next is running some code with facial recognition software. A post shared by Mark Pauline (@markpauline5) on Sep 28, 2020 at 6:11pm PDT Predator Arm testing @markpauline5 Christopher is exercising the predator arm servo motors. Next is running some code with facial […]

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Mark Pauline: Predator Arm Presentation at dorkbotSF

November 5, 2018

Mark Pauline will be giving a presentation on the newest SRL machine – the Predator Arm at this month’s #dorkbotSF meeting at Gray Area Nov 14 7pm. More info here: Facebook event here:

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New York Event Prep

November 27, 2017

Next SRL event Inconsiderate Fantasies of Negative Acceleration: Characterized by Sacrifices of a Non-Consensual Nature will be in NY – stay tuned here or at the Marlborough Contemporary website for more details, in the meantime, here are some pix and videop clips from prep going on at SRL HQ: Installing the remote controlled braking system […]

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Google does a SRL Imitiation at Maker Faire 2015

May 17, 2015

This was spotted at Google’s booth at Maker Faire this weekend. Oddly reminiscent of the one we showed at the indoor/outdoor SRL events at Maker Faire 2007 sans protective plastic and using real peoples’ hands! (Thanks David Pescovitz for the video!) Compare with the more efficient moves and style of the SRL robot: More images […]

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Motoman Flamethrower Engine Test

October 13, 2014

After fabricating the flamethrower attachment for the Motoman, Mark mounted the engine and tested the irritatingness of its sound effects. Next, 25 ft fire! This is the first start of the 550CC Two Stroke powered Flamethrower for the SRL Motoman UP50 Robot Arm. This is a light weight unit with a mixed flow axial fan […]

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Motoman Expansion Chamber Exhaust Pipe and Radiator

September 7, 2014

Work continues on the Motoman! This month, the Expansion chamber exhasut pipe and radiator are mounted. Almost ready to start. 550cc of two stroke goodness! Track the Motoman progress here  

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SRL Armed Motoman Update

May 27, 2014

Mark Pauline is currently replacing the steel baseball bat wielded by the Motoman at the Explosion of Ungovernable Rage show in Santa Rosa three years ago with a motorized flamethrower. According to Mark, “This SRL project is a lightweight high powered flamethrower attachment for the SRL Armored Motoman UP50 6 axis robot arm. The arm […]

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