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SRL Video screening in the Netherlands

From Jon Reiss:
Three of my Survival Research Laboratories films are screening today at the Vera Club in the Netherlands. The club is in Gronigen – of which I have very fond memories when I toured with Target Video – showing our punk rock documentaries all over Europe – Groningen has always had a vibrant and intense alt scene. And I’ve also had a soft spot for The Netherlands in general – as the site of the first SRL European tour which is documented in The Will to Provoke – I was able to spend 3 months in Amsterdam editing that film. All three of the films were shot in the 1980s with Mark Pauline and other members of Survival Research Laboratories A SCENIC HARVEST FROM THE KINGDOM OF PAIN, the film that also features Monte Cazazza who recently pasted away, was filmed 1984 and it was my first solo endeavor post Target. A BITTER MESSAGE OF HOPELESS GRIEF, 1988 the first and only fiction film with SRL and aforementioned THE WILL TO PROVOKE: AN ACCOUNT OF FANTASTIC SCHEMES FOR INITIATING SOCIAL IMPROVEMENTS, 1989, all screening at 8:00 pm – tonight. @markpauline5 @survivalresearchlabs #survivalresearchlabs #markpauline #machineart #machinelearning #netherlands #srl

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