KRON-TV Master Tape of SRL’s Legendary Live 1981 SFO Performance Found

A master tape from SRL’s legendary live performance on Van Ness in 1981 has been unearthed. Saved by KRON-TV’s Steve Jamison

The Steve Jamison master tape is a real-time recording, including the live music (by Billy Philadelphia’s live band) that played in the studio during the commercial break. I’m not sure who says, “You guys gotta help each other” at 17:05. At 18:00, you can hear Steve Jamison and you speaking about logistical matters for around 20 seconds before the television audience joins at around 18:30. The Steve Jamison master tape also includes the closing credits, which included a replay of some of the performance. You also don’t want to miss host Steve Jamison’s promotion of a SRL segment at the beginning of the program at around 1:05. He deems Mark Pauline as the “James Dean of the Junkyard.”

This deserves to be remembered for decades to come as a “legendary live performance” in San Francisco history.