Mark Pauline at Culture Lab Detroit

The Aesthetics of Tomorrow
The Senate Theater, 6424 Michigan Ave
6 PM Reception / 6:30 PM Dialogue
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Culture Lab uses their visionary abilities to imagine, design, and create a better world. Historically, art has been defined by its allegiance to and rebellion from classical ideals of beauty, often in pursuit of mythology, structure, and pleasure. As we navigate an era where virtual reality challenges our concepts of authenticity, artificial intelligence calls into question what it means to be human, political and ecological systems place the body in a state of crisis, and the disavowal of science continues–we have to ask: how is technology shaping the future and what is the role of beauty in those processes?
Whether an inventor of kinetic sculpture inspired by science fiction; an anthropologist crowdsourcing images to examine the origins of a national tragedy, or an artist confronting assumptions of identity through the “biopolitics of the senses”, The Aesthetics of Tomorrow, features artists and theorists working on the cusp of technological innovation.

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Aesthetics of Tomorrow Video: