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Machine Repair Log for August 2012

Machine Fixes – August 2012

After 10 years with no air filter it was time to make a new one. Not because it was missing but because the old one would’nt fit anymore once the new starter switch box was installed. Keeps the parts that shake off of the machines and props from getting onto the engine.

After endlessly fantasizing about getting my remaining fingers, or Jake Eddies arm cut off in the chains of the Dual Mule, I decided to put a simple chainguard on both ends to cover the main drive chains. Not that there aren’t a lot of open power transmission bits on the machines, but the Dual Mule is prone to smacking ankles and if you fall onto it, the kneejerk place to grab at is the chain area….Special thanks to Kyle Minor for the idea.

Mark Pauline and Gill Wright work on Hovercraft assembly so it can be enhanced and repaired:


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-Mark Pauline

August 2012

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