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Motoman Flamethrower Fuel Tank Pump System

October 17, 2020

Mark Pauline: Assembling the fuel tank pump system for the Motoman flamethrower. The fuel tank is only 10 gallons right now, but it’s modular and you can bolt on extra capacity by adding volume segments at the bulkhead to get up to 40 gallons. It may not seem like much at 9 gallons per minute […]

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Giant ass radial arm drill

October 11, 2020

From Mark Pauline: People sometimes ask me why I have a giant ass radial arm drill in the shop taking up so much space. Well if you need to cut a hole for a fuel outlet filter bung in a stainless tank what else can you use?

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Running Machine Repairs Part II

September 28, 2020

Running Machine Repairs: Mark Pauline-Running machine arm now has a stub section of tubing ready to weld in to the broken arm part.

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Track Robot Repairs

August 30, 2020
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Mark Pauline on next work on the Screw Machine Jul 4 2020 Part 1

July 15, 2020

Video from Karen Marcelo

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New York Event Prep

November 27, 2017

Next SRL event Inconsiderate Fantasies of Negative Acceleration: Characterized by Sacrifices of a Non-Consensual Nature will be in NY – stay tuned here or at the Marlborough Contemporary website for more details, in the meantime, here are some pix and videop clips from prep going on at SRL HQ: Installing the remote controlled braking system […]

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SRL Drone Testing

March 1, 2013

Mark Pauline did some testing for a new camera platform SRL will be using at shows in the future. Using a Hero3 and a drone from DJI-Innovations. This setup will be used at this Thursday’s (March 7 2013) Robot Night at the Cal Academy.

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The first and latest SRL Machines

August 18, 2011

Pictured here is the De-Manufacturing machine built in 1979 that made its debut at the Machine Sex show in North Beach, SF together with the latest SRL machine the Spine Robot Both machines will be seen in LA this October – stay tuned to this site for more details. Another view of the De-manufacturing machine: […]

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