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Now Hiring!

October 29, 2014

SRL is looking for a location scout. This is a paid position. Job description: To locate a suitable site for a large scale SRL machine performance in the bay area, (NOT San Francisco, as we’re banned from ever performing there by the SFFD). To get permission to use the site from the owners. To procure […]

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Local Show Setup Request

September 5, 2012

SRL is seeking assistance to find locations and conduct site setup for machine performances in the SF bay area. We are looking for a team to: Find suitable locations for local SRL shows ranging from medium (20 tons of robots) to large (60 tons of robots). Determine what if any permits are required and obtain […]

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How to host a SRL show in your city

February 17, 2012

Despite the unreasonableness of the SFFD in banning SRL shows in SF and dissuading other cities from allowing one, veteran SRL show producer Susan Joyce of Fringe Exhibitions shows how it’s done and how it can be done repeatedly: Top 5 List 1 – Always respect the creative vision of the artist; above all this […]

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SRL Banned in San Fran

January 31, 2012

SRL was recently banned from performing in San Francisco by the SF fire dept. In December 2011, Somarts, a local gallery venue,/arts support organization in the city asked SRL to participate in I am Crime, a show of artists who had been arrested for activities related to their work. The SRL participation was to have […]

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