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Predator Arm Motion/Range Testing

January 5, 2022

Posted by Mark Pauline: Christopher Brooks explains a test program for the arm. We are checking to make sure that the counterweight (which had to be added after the high-pressure cylinder was installed) is working correctly. Seems ok. Predator Arm Test

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Predator Arm Recent Testing

October 8, 2021

Sept 18 2021 – Mark Pauline and David Petchey testing the Predator Arm Machine vision, video processing, AI software coded by David Petchey Videos from Karen Marcelo and John Colle Rogers Got latency down to a few milliseconds Caught the Predator Arm in an empathetic robot sneeze

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Boston Dynamics and SRL – The Future of Entertainment

October 8, 2021

From Mark Pauline: Boston Dynamics + SRL = future of entertainment… Jesus, another BD parkour video! Getting tedious, unless, you look at it as training for an upcoming BD/SRL collaboration. SRL provides the robotic circus animals, special effects, and sets. BD throws in the humanoid performers, and maybe a Spot or two. Bingo! The perfect […]

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Today’s SRL Zoom Mtg featuring Kimric the Frog

March 28, 2021
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More SRL Crypto Art Drop

March 19, 2021

Mark Pauline is minting more NFTs. Collect them here: This one is another billboard modification over 101! This one entitles the collector with an actual physical print made at SRL! This one is a hand drawn wiring diagram for the first SRL machine: site!

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Another SRL NFT – Early Hints of a SRL Future

March 16, 2021

Early Hints of a SRL Future For those who want to collect them all the SRL NFTs can be found here:

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SRL NFTs on Opensea

March 14, 2021

These are SRL’s first NFTs. They show the progression of Mark Pauline’s thought process and how the ideas evolved into what SRL is today. The first is an image showing Mark Pauline’s early pre-SRL obsessions with destruction. He broke all of these objects and drew them on a ground glass plate. Then printed it on […]

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Killer Tele-Operated Robots are on the Radar Again

February 26, 2021

This article from Boing Boing’s David Pescovitz mentions the ground breaking shenanigans SRL were up to about a quarter century ago! If SRL were the first civilians to have web-controlled lethal robots in 1996 David was the first target for such systems experimenting with the Air Launcher in San Francisco being controlled by people in […]

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Predator Arm controller box

December 19, 2020

Mark Pauline explains the Predator Arm controller box wired by Christopher Brooks. The controller will actuate the appropriate motors on the robot based on commands coming down from the Machine Vision component written by David Petchey using Intel’s RealSense Video from Karen Marcelo

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Predator Arm Vision

November 5, 2020

Predator Arm vision also works with skulls and faces with masks on though it works better without a mask Images and video from Karen Marcelo

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