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Motoman Flamethrower Fuel Tank Pump System

October 17, 2020

Mark Pauline: Assembling the fuel tank pump system for the Motoman flamethrower. The fuel tank is only 10 gallons right now, but it’s modular and you can bolt on extra capacity by adding volume segments at the bulkhead to get up to 40 gallons. It may not seem like much at 9 gallons per minute […]

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Hydraulic chainsaw for Running Machine

October 4, 2020

Hydraulic chainsaw mount for the running machine is finished. Going to be fun to test next week. Safety third!

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Splines for the running machine arm chainsaw attachment

October 1, 2020

Mark Pauline cutting the splines for the running machine arm chainsaw attachment. Tilting the part at 45° and then rotating to cut the splines with a regular end Mill. This part allows for some angular adjustment on the saw attachment

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Running Machine Repairs

September 28, 2020
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New 3D Camera System for the Track Robot

February 25, 2015

Aside from speaking at Chabot and demoing the newly refurbished Track Robot, Mark Pauline also installed a new 3D camera tracking system on it and says, “Got the 3d Oculus system on the Track Robot up and running all the way today. Tilt/pan/roll using the Oculus headtracking output, 3d camera with dual 1 watt video […]

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New Wheels for the Spine Robot

January 3, 2015

Mark finished making new hard tires for the Spine Robot Mobile Platform. The originals were made using small Jet Aircraft tires. While these tires are almost 2″ thick and 16 ply, there was too much flex when making tight turns, leading to the tires folding inwards and stalling the turn. The roller bearings were removed […]

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Pitching Machine Valve Bank and Spine Robot Hydraulic Hose Guides

August 12, 2013

Below are some pics of work finished on the Pitching Machine and the Spine Robot: And here Mark and crew finished the new valve banks for the Pitching Machine: Added on hydraulic hose guides to the Spine Robot. Pics show them at the Spine’s highest and lowest positions: Click on the image for more

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