Location Wanted

by srl on September 11, 2015

We are looking for locations suitable for a large scale SRL performance in the SF Bay Area. We are offering a fee to anyone who can do the following three things to facilitate this:

(1) Find a suitable location near or in San Francisco. Please use the SRL show setup guidelines for this.
(2) Obtain full permission from whoever controls, AND whoever owns the property, for an SRL show.
(3) Secure permits from the local Fire Dept and the Police Dept.
$2000 cash will be paid to anyone who can do these three things successfully.

Please contact Mark Pauline at (markp [at] srl [dot] org) AFTER you have completed #1 & #2.
There is an abundance of information on the SRL website you may use to facilitate (1) and (2). For video reference see the SRL YouTube channel : Genuine Survival Research Labs.
If you reach objective (3), Mark will provide you with materials for the Fire and Police department permitting.

Timeframe is this fall 2015/spring 2016.

Mark Pauline, Director SRL

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