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Budding Prospects Film Shoot

October 22, 2016

Oct 12 2016 last week, SRL played themselves for the filming of a pilot for the new Terry Zwigoff TV series Budding Prospects based on TC Boyle’s novel for Amazon. Shooting was at the Boxshop featuring the Inchworm, Sneaky Soldier, Jaws, Motoman Flamethrower, Meat Head, Pulse Jet. Mark Pauline played the role of the arresting […]

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New Gripper for the Track Robot

March 22, 2015

This is an underactuated gripper digit that will be used for the 3 finger gripper on the Track Robot. The linkages (which are spring loaded) cause the finger to behave like a real finger and allow it to automatically grip nearly any type of object securely. Its 8 inches long. It only requires a single […]

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Track Robot Rides Again

February 21, 2015

Mark got the Track Robot running with the new controllers and the 3D vision system which he’s bringing on Sat Feb 21 to his presentation for East Bay Nerd Nite The last time the track robot was taken out for a spin was for the Shipyard show in Berkeley 2001!

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Track Robot – New ESC Controller testing

January 29, 2015

The Track Robot rises from the dead. Testing the new quad speed controller for the Track Robot on the tread motors. The ESC’s are rated for 150 amps @ 24VDC on the made in china scale so cut that in half. They seem ok for regular duty. However, I determined that if you operate at […]

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Machine Repair Log for August 2012

August 7, 2012

Machine Fixes – August 2012 After 10 years with no air filter it was time to make a new one. Not because it was missing but because the old one would’nt fit anymore once the new starter switch box was installed. Keeps the parts that shake off of the machines and props from getting onto […]

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Mark Pauline lecture in Quebec

April 11, 2012

Mark Pauline will be giving a lecture at Manif d’art 6 the Quebec City Biennal with the them Machines: the Shapes of Movement from May 3 to June 3. More information here

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Full video of A Deliberate Evolution of A War Zone (Graz, 1992)

August 24, 2011

Full video of SRL show Deliberate Evolution of a War Zone held at a toilet paper factory in Graz caused the Austrian military to go on high defense alert thinking the Serbs were attacking. This was in 1992 when the Serbs had just recently bombed nearby Vukovar. Note sproinging sound fx thanks to GX Jupiter-Larssen/Haters. […]

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The first and latest SRL Machines

August 18, 2011

Pictured here is the De-Manufacturing machine built in 1979 that made its debut at the Machine Sex show in North Beach, SF together with the latest SRL machine the Spine Robot Both machines will be seen in LA this October – stay tuned to this site for more details. Another view of the De-manufacturing machine: […]

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Scoliosis-Free Spine Robot Fully Assembled

August 11, 2011

After the debut run of the Spine Robot last fall for the Explosion of Ungovernable Rage show at the Sonoma County Museum, it was observed that the Spine twists itself up during operation. Over the last few months, Mark Pauline has re-engineered it with neat new design features to correct this (see the Spine Robot […]

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Spine Robot Spacers

June 29, 2011

Mark Pauline completes more work on the Spine Robot describing new design and functionality of the spacers.

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