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This is a lecture delivered at Chabot Planetarium 2/21/15. First public run of the rebuilt Track Robot. Shows the Oculus Rift 3d telepresence system operating with some video interference generated by the wireless mics being used there. Also features my kid, Jake Eddie Pauline, skillfully driving the Track Robot. This is also the first video made of an SRL public lecture.

Video shot and edited by Steve Bage.


New 3D Camera System for the Track Robot

Aside from speaking at Chabot and demoing the newly refurbished Track Robot, Mark Pauline also installed a new 3D camera tracking system on it and says, “Got the 3d Oculus system on the Track Robot up and running all the way today. Tilt/pan/roll using the Oculus headtracking output, 3d camera with dual 1 watt video transmitters. Looks like over 1000′ range through buildings etc ie: urban setting. Ran it for about 20 min in the shop and the yard. Made me feel kind of sick and disoriented but works great. Really feel like youre in the machine!”


Track Robot Rides Again

Mark got the Track Robot running with the new controllers and the 3D vision system which he’s bringing on Sat Feb 21 to his presentation for East Bay Nerd Nite The last time the track robot was taken out for a spin was for the Shipyard show in Berkeley 2001!


Mark Pauline Talk at Nerd Nite

Come see Mark Pauline present at Nerd Nite in Chabot Feb 21 8-10pm


Track Robot – New ESC Controller testing

The Track Robot rises from the dead. Testing the new quad speed controller for the Track Robot on the tread motors. The ESC’s are rated for 150 amps @ 24VDC on the made in china scale so cut that in half. They seem ok for regular duty. However, I determined that if you operate at full throttle, forward /reverse as fast as you can move the stick about 30 times, they will literally explode! At SRL this is a feature, not a bug, and a great way to get around Pyro limitations!


OC Robotics Snake vs SRL Spine Robot?

BoingBoing’s David Pescovitz wonders what would happen in an encounter of OC Robotics Snake Robot vs SRL Spine Robot. What would SRL come up with with a few million $ – investors should find out!

SRL debuted the Spine Robot at the Explosion of Ungovernable Rage show in 2010.



New Wheels for the Spine Robot

Mark finished making new hard tires for the Spine Robot Mobile Platform. The originals were made using small Jet Aircraft tires. While these tires are almost 2″ thick and 16 ply, there was too much flex when making tight turns, leading to the tires folding inwards and stalling the turn.

The roller bearings were removed from the original hubs and installed in new aluminum hubs. Steel rings were rolled, machined, and press fitted to solid rubber forklift style tires after bolt circles were welded inside.

Three point turns are now a snap, and no further risk of flat tires during a show.

More images of the new wheels here


Jet Powered Whistle at The Lab

Here’s a video of the short but sweet kick off to The Lab’s 24 Hour Telethon to raise funds for their renovation and continued operations. It took about 5 minutes for SFPD to end it all but the telethon was a success and SF gets to keep The Lab and all the art, culture, music events it hosts!

More info, images, and video on this event here


SRL at The Lab

UPDATE:  Some images of the short but sweet Flame Whistle kick off of The Lab’s 24 hour Telethon - stay tuned for more images and video here


We’re bringing the jet whistle to kick off The Lab’s 24 Hour Telethon this Saturday Nov 15 at noon to fund their renovation and continue to bring exciting art, music, and performance to San Francisco. This is their Kickstarter. 3 Days and about $25k more to go! Please support them! The Lab is on 16th and Capp


Motoman Smoke Test

This is a smoke test of the MotoMan Flamethrower. This lightweight Flamethrower will mount onto a Motoman UP50 arm and move around while generating a 20 ft flame.

A smoke test is useful for determining the flame length of a blower type flamethrower. The flame will be about 20% longer than the length of the smoke column before it goes non linear. In this case about 25′ long. The blower generates 17,000 CFM of air and can combust 9 gallons of diesel per minute.

More on the Motoman and its maintenance/update log here