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New 5-axis CNC

SRL just acquired a new 5-axis CNC machine – let’s see what new robots come out of SRL HQ next!

The old 4 axis is for sale – details here.


The Offspring are for sale!

Now for sale on ebay: Buy your own SRL machine! One of the Offspring props from the Computer History Museum Show up on the auction block. Support SRL!! See: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/391205669864?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123


Last week at SRL we asked the question, “What would a machine think was funny 100 years from now?” This is the answer.

SRL Showcase at Zero1 Event at the Computer History Museum.
This mini-show was a robotic re-enactment of Karl Sims’ evolved virtual creatures where genetic code worms spewed out of a head into a pool where creatures evolve. The Spine robot picks one to mutate them and tosses them over to the Track Robot that brings them back into the gene pen for another round of evolution. Then of course SRL are experts at re-enacting the requisite chaos, destruction, and entropy.


SRL stages a live re-enactment of Karl Sims evolved virtual creatures featuring The Spine Robot as the “Master Programmer” and the SRL 3D Remote Telepresence Track Robot playing the part of the “mutation algorithm”. Offspring Population (see below) by Mark Pauline and Kimric Smythe. Offspring Imagist Karen Marcelo. With Special Guest Stars “Flying Tiger Packer with Head”. July 10 2015 at the Computer History Museum for the Art Ignites Innovation fundraiser event for Zero1

Mark makes a robotic version of one of these Karl Sims evolving creatures

Images from pre-show prep to the mini-show to post-show shenanigans here

Stay tuned for video soon

Some initial testing of these creatures from last night at low and high speeds:


Track Robot Gripper Finished!

The three fingers of the underactuated gripper for the track robot are done and assembled (not pinned yet). Now to make the palm and motorize for grip and rotate. Gimp hand Doppelgänger!

Click on image to get larger view

More info on the Track Robot here

Track Robot Maintenance Log


Many pages of paperwork later, Mark finally got the Parker Macrospray ITAR ( International Treaty of Arms Regulation) regulated fuel spray nozzles for the Motoman Flamethrower. Note the restrictions listed on the invoice.

These are test nozzles for combustion research. The same macrospray design is used in all the latest fighter jet engines. They generate 99% optimum fuel particle size for best combustion. Perfect for kick ass flamethrowers.

Click on image to see full detail. Note the wording circled in red. Of course theres no danger from SRL doing that!

See more of the Motoman Maintenance Log


This was spotted at Google’s booth at Maker Faire this weekend. Oddly reminiscent of the one we showed at the indoor/outdoor SRL events at Maker Faire 2007 sans protective plastic and using real peoples’ hands!

(Thanks David Pescovitz for the video!)

Compare with the more efficient moves and style of the SRL robot:

More images and videos of the SRL version here


CyberPunk Panel

Mark Pauline joins Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, Scott Fisher
and others on a panel on the Origins of Cyberpunk Culture at USC on April 24 2015.

More information on Cyberpunk: Past and Future here

The Ray Stark Family Theatre
University Park Campus
USC School of Cinematic Arts 108
April 24 2015


New Gripper for the Track Robot

This is an underactuated gripper digit that will be used for the 3 finger gripper on the Track Robot. The linkages (which are spring loaded) cause the finger to behave like a real finger and allow it to automatically grip nearly any type of object securely. Its 8 inches long. It only requires a single actuator. Great for robots in the wild.

See more on the Track Robot gripper here


SRL Banned Again, This Time at Ft Mason

SRL was invited to perform at the 2015 SF International Arts Festival, This is actually a theatre festival, with performers coming to SF from around the world. SRL agreed to perform for free; collecting revenues from ticket sales to the SRL show only.

This would have been the third major SRL performance at Ft. Mason. (SRL has also staged several small events over the years at FT. Mason). The director of Ft. Mason was certain that the Ft. Mason National Parks Service Fire Marshall could be convinced to allow the performance, based on his work with the Fire Marshall over the years.

However, when he approached the NPS Fire Marshall, he was told that under no circumstances would SRL be allowed at Ft. Mason. The Fire Marshall cited several videos of past SRL shows he viewed online. Specifically referencing the SF MOMA Groundbreaking show, where the SFFD was seen chiding Mark Pauline at the end of the video.

What he most certainly did not know was that the entire post show scene was a charade hatched by the SFFD brass themselves.

The morning of the SF MOMA show, Fire Dept officials drove me to the Main Fire Station for a “strategy” meeting. The SF Fire Chief himself told me that they were being forced to allow the show to proceed by the Mayors office (Frank Jordan) and that they needed cover. They said that after the show, they would make it appear that they were cracking down on me hard and I needed to play along.
At the end of the show, right on cue, I was harangued by various SFFD officials in plain view of the public. At one point, a city Fire Marshall (who had been at the morning meeting) was writing “tickets” to me. I looked down and saw it was just gibberish. He whispered to me “don’t worry, just play along”. The tickets were all fakes, of course, but the repercussions reverberate to this day.

SFFD is the finale of the SRL SFMOMA Groundbreaking Show

SFFD is the finale of the SRL SFMOMA Groundbreaking Show