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SRL Film Shoot

For those that attended last Sunday’s film shoot, SRL would like to put more of these events on in the city which costs money. If you enjoyed it and/or want to see more please consider donating to Mark Pauline via Paypal .

Stay tuned to the archive page for more media as they roll in. If you would like to contribute to the archives (video, sound, images) please contact Karen Marcelo

Image from David Petchey


SRL Film Shoot Sunday Night

SRL will be filming Sunday night in San Francisco. Volunteers welcome to play the role of an audience. Those interested should show up Sunday night at 7:30pm on Burke Ave off of 3rd in San Francisco. Please dress in SRL audience attire (ie. ear protection, warm clothes). Note: Limited space available – once we get the required number of volunteer audience, late comers wont be able to be accomodated.


SRL at Minnesota Street Project

Photo from Karen Marcelo

CAPITAL is pleased to announce BLACK STANDARD
An exhibition that brings together work by Davina Semo,
Phil Wagner, and Survival Research Laboratories.

CAPITAL at Minnesota Street Project, April 8 – April 24
Opening reception Friday, April 8, 2016 6-9PM

Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

CAPITAL at Minnesota Street Project open Tuesday – Saturday 11-6pm
Sunday 12-5pm

Images from prep and the gallery opening here


Location Wanted

We are looking for locations suitable for a large scale SRL performance in the SF Bay Area. We are offering a fee to anyone who can do the following three things to facilitate this:

(1) Find a suitable location near or in San Francisco. Please use the SRL show setup guidelines for this.
(2) Obtain full permission from whoever controls, AND whoever owns the property, for an SRL show.
(3) Secure permits from the local Fire Dept and the Police Dept.
$2000 cash will be paid to anyone who can do these three things successfully.

Please contact Mark Pauline at (markp [at] srl [dot] org) AFTER you have completed #1 & #2.
There is an abundance of information on the SRL website you may use to facilitate (1) and (2). For video reference see the SRL YouTube channel : Genuine Survival Research Labs.
If you reach objective (3), Mark will provide you with materials for the Fire and Police department permitting.

Timeframe is this fall 2015/spring 2016.

Mark Pauline, Director SRL


HST at the old SRL Shop

David Pescovitz posts about The Crazy Never Die HST documentary from the 80s on BoingBoing. The animated GIF he created at the bottom is HST at the old SRL shop. Mark recalls “This happened in 1987 around the Delusions show. I just remember that he was really stoned, and we basically tried to keep him from injuring himself or anyone else at the shop.”



New 5-axis CNC

SRL just acquired a new 5-axis CNC machine – let’s see what new robots come out of SRL HQ next!

The old 4 axis is for sale – details here.


The Offspring are for sale!

Now for sale on ebay: Buy your own SRL machine! One of the Offspring props from the Computer History Museum Show up on the auction block. Support SRL!! See: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/391205669864?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123


Last week at SRL we asked the question, “What would a machine think was funny 100 years from now?” This is the answer.

SRL Showcase at Zero1 Event at the Computer History Museum.
This mini-show was a robotic re-enactment of Karl Sims’ evolved virtual creatures where genetic code worms spewed out of a head into a pool where creatures evolve. The Spine robot picks one to mutate them and tosses them over to the Track Robot that brings them back into the gene pen for another round of evolution. Then of course SRL are experts at re-enacting the requisite chaos, destruction, and entropy.


SRL stages a live re-enactment of Karl Sims evolved virtual creatures featuring The Spine Robot as the “Master Programmer” and the SRL 3D Remote Telepresence Track Robot playing the part of the “mutation algorithm”. Offspring Population (see below) by Mark Pauline and Kimric Smythe. Offspring Imagist Karen Marcelo. With Special Guest Stars “Flying Tiger Packer with Head”. July 10 2015 at the Computer History Museum for the Art Ignites Innovation fundraiser event for Zero1

Mark makes a robotic version of one of these Karl Sims evolving creatures

Images from pre-show prep to the mini-show to post-show shenanigans here

Stay tuned for video soon

Some initial testing of these creatures from last night at low and high speeds:


Track Robot Gripper Finished!

The three fingers of the underactuated gripper for the track robot are done and assembled (not pinned yet). Now to make the palm and motorize for grip and rotate. Gimp hand Doppelgänger!

Click on image to get larger view

More info on the Track Robot here

Track Robot Maintenance Log