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Mark Pauline gave a talk and demo of the latest SRL machine the Predator Arm at the last dorkbotSF Nov 14 2018 at Gray Area. The other speakers were Naut Humon and Scott Kildall.

Video from Karen Marcelo

More info and pics of that dorkbot meeting here


SRL is 40!

A man doesn’t like to give away his true age, but Ill admit it anyway, when I was 24, I started SRL 40 years ago today. Here’s the original full page ad from Boulevards Magazine
– Mark Pauline


Mark Pauline will be giving a presentation on the newest SRL machine – the Predator Arm at this month’s #dorkbotSF meeting at Gray Area Nov 14 7pm.

More info here: http://dorkbotsf.org/archive/201811

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/492549717930822/


Mark Pauline at Culture Lab Detroit

The Aesthetics of Tomorrow
The Senate Theater, 6424 Michigan Ave
6 PM Reception / 6:30 PM Dialogue
RSVP / Invite Your Friends

Culture Lab uses their visionary abilities to imagine, design, and create a better world. Historically, art has been defined by its allegiance to and rebellion from classical ideals of beauty, often in pursuit of mythology, structure, and pleasure. As we navigate an era where virtual reality challenges our concepts of authenticity, artificial intelligence calls into question what it means to be human, political and ecological systems place the body in a state of crisis, and the disavowal of science continues–we have to ask: how is technology shaping the future and what is the role of beauty in those processes?

Whether an inventor of kinetic sculpture inspired by science fiction; an anthropologist crowdsourcing images to examine the origins of a national tragedy, or an artist confronting assumptions of identity through the “biopolitics of the senses”, The Aesthetics of Tomorrow, features artists and theorists working on the cusp of technological innovation.

More details http://culturelabdetroit.org/dialogues/2018program_aesthetics.html


SRL Schedule Seattle Art Fair 2018

Aug 2 – 5:30pm machine demo
Aug 3 – 5:30pm machine demo
Aug 4 – 11:30am Mark Pauline and Bruce Sterling talk
2:30pm machine demo
Aug 5 – 2:30pm machine demo

At the CenturyLink Field – North parking lot – Map

Ticket info here

SRL Machine Demos are FREE ADMISSION

We are crowdsourcing your bad art to destroy!

Follow us on Twitter @SRLdotORG, on Instagram @survivalresearchlabs and Facebook

SRL at Seattle Art Fair 2018
Photo by Karen Marcelo


EE380 Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

Talks are W4:30-5:45 before a live audience in the Gates Computer Science Building on the Stanford Campus. Talks are captured on video, web-cast live, and published to YouTube a day or so following presentation.

Mark will demo some skeleton tracking software to be used with a new robot arm being built and show the latest video as well as a replay of a SRL show in front of the Dean’s office from 1987! More info here

Here are pictures from John Law


Screening of SRL at XFF Movie at USC

LA friends dont miss the screening of movie of the last show in LA – SRL @ XFF from December 2012!

Screening followed by Q&A with SRL Founder, Mark Pauline and filmmaker, Steve Bage
Wednesday April 18, 2018
The Ray Stark Family Theatre, SCA 108, 900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Free admission. Open to the Public. RSVPs required.

RSVP here: https://cinema.usc.edu/events/event.cfm?id=24592

More info on that show here


Also 40 yrs of SRL!

Event is public – starts approximately at 4pm! At the Marlborough Contemporary 545 W 25th St., New York, NY.

Press Release

More info and links to prep images, etc.


New York Event Prep

Next SRL event Inconsiderate Fantasies of Negative Acceleration: Characterized by Sacrifices of a Non-Consensual Nature will be in NY – stay tuned here or at the Marlborough Contemporary website for more details, in the meantime, here are some pix and videop clips from prep going on at SRL HQ:

Installing the remote controlled braking system for the Pitching Machine. This allows the tires to spin down from 200mph much faster. Takes about 2 minutes to stop without brakes. Were hoping maybe 3 sec with the brakes.

Video clip of Karen Marcelo setting up the Fanuc with Mark Pauline and Christopher Brooks:

We’ll be constantly uploading additional pre-event prep images here from now through gallery opening date. Photos are from Mark Pauline, Steve Bage, Kimric Smythe, and Karen Marcelo.


After 4 years of wrangling footage from 19 cameras, Steve Bage’s documentary of the SRL XFF show in LA from Dec 2012 was screened privately for SRL crew at the Skywalker Ranch in Marin County on April 21 2017. A public premiere followed at the Roxie Theater in SF in July 15 2017 along with a popup SRL show featuring the Spine Robot menacing some moving props on Mark Pauline’s flatbed truck outside the theater and then again later on at the Secret Alley after party.

Submissions to film festivals and further screenings are pending.

Pictures from Karen Marcelo, Marla Aufmuth, and Eddie Codel here

Here is the trailer to the movie edited by Steve Bage:

Q+A at the Roxie with Mark Pauline and Steve Bage:

Aerial shot of Spine Robot shenanigans from Eddie Codel outside the Secret Alley after-party

Video snippets of shenanigans by Karen Marcelo: